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Gerber Apocalypse Kit Review

Gerber kit for the apocalypse

Let’s face it- it’s tough to say exactly how the Gerber apocalypse survival kit would come into play. Since nobody really knows what kind of apocalypse will happen, the best bet is to get something that will be flexible and deadly for multiple occasions.

For example, let’s say that it’s a zombie apocalypse. Maybe it will be like I am Legend, where it was some kind of drug that basically turned people into zombies. So now you have the walking undead- how do you defend yourself?

Well for one thing, a huge machete or two would help. You just can’t beat the range that a machete gives you, and it has the chopping power of a small axe- especially when it comes to limbs or heads. Well luckily the Gerber apocalypse survival kit has not one, but TWO machetes. Yes sir- if you’re a dual wielder like myself, I definitely think you can appreciate that, right?

Moving on, let’s say that the apocalypse happens due to some kind of nuclear war or meltdown. Electricity doesn’t exist anymore. You won’t be able to just walk into a room and flip a switch to get light. Instead, you’ve gotta do it the good ol’ fashioned way- fire.

What do you need for fire? For starters, probably some firewood. This is where the camp axe in the Gerber apocalypse survival kit comes into play. Sure, it’s not the largest axe you’ll ever see in your life- but it’s big enough. Remember that you generally won’t need to have huge fires, so you don’t need a huge axe to chop wood.

Another example is let’s say that there is an apocalypse due to an economic meltdown. The world is in shambles, everybody is fending for themselves, and food is scarce. Even if you grow your own food, you still have to be wary of neighbors because they might come help themselves.

Whether it’s your neighbor or a band of thieves, one of the best tools in your arsenal would be a long, lighter blade. If your enemies have some kind of short bladed knife, you have a clear advantage with something like a parang. Even if they have a longer weapon like a machete, many people claim the parang is better for a fight.

gerber knife set for the apocalypseWhy do experts prefer the parang? For one thing, it’s light so you can swing it fast. Another thing is that the blade is angled, making it swing more easily. Think of it as a scimitar instead of a straight sword.

Finally- what happens if you get captured? No matter what apocalypse scenario you’re in, the idea of getting captured by enemies or cannibals (yup, talk about SUCK) is bad news. If they beat you in a fight and take your parang and machetes, whatcha gonna do?

This is where the last three parts of the Gerber apocalypse survival kit come into play. Two are short bladed tactical knives, and the other is a small folding knife. Besides being perfect for acting as a spear tip or dressing a deer, they’re also exactly what you’ll need to slit a few enemy throats.

So… maybe this was more of a violent review then you really cared to read. But ya know what? The apocalypse won’t be pretty. There’s a reason why the Gerber apocalypse survival kit is basically just 7 deadly weapons with a nice carrying pack to hold them all safely!


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