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Eberlestock F4 Terminator Pack Review

Eberlestock F4 Terminator Pack If you are looking for extremely versatile and functional survival backpack that you can depend on when you are in the field, then Eberlestock F4 Terminator Pack might be the perfect choice. This backpack comes with so many amazing  features that make it as one of the best backpacks in the […]

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ESSE-4 Survival Knife A Cut Above the Rest

                One item that every survivalist must have in their inventory of survival gear is a survival knife, this review should convince you that the ESSE-4 Survival Knife should be the knife you consider. Unlike most items in a survivalist pack, the survival knife plays many different roles […]

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Michonne Katana

Cold Steel O Katana- Surviving the Apocalypse One Cut at a Time.

The Katana for Apocalypse Survival The Cold Steel O Katana is a sword that was made to survive anything, even the apocalypse. The O Katana is meant to be carried by those that have one thing on their mind, and that thing is survival. Weighing in at 48 Ounces, and just over four feet long […]

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Bows for Survival

Compound Bows for Apocalyptic Survival

This quick little article is going to be focused on one thing- the importance of compound bows for survival. And before you start thinking that guns are better- let me present the facts. I’ve broken this article up into a few pieces to make it easier to read. After reading each section, then try to […]

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Ducati Diesel motorcycle

Rule the Post-Apocalyptic World in Style

Introducing the Ducati Diesel Sure you could be one of those apocalypse survivalist that prefer traversing the burnt out ruins of America in your trusty old Doc Martins, but for those that want to experience the halls of Armageddon while riding a mechanical orgasm then look no further. The Italian motorcycle company known as Ducati […]

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Gerber Apocalypse Kit Review

Let’s face it- it’s tough to say exactly how the Gerber apocalypse survival kit would come into play. Since nobody really knows what kind of apocalypse will happen, the best bet is to get something that will be flexible and deadly for multiple occasions. For example, let’s say that it’s a zombie apocalypse. Maybe it […]

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apocalypse survival gear list

Survival Gear List

I’ve put together a short survival gear list to help all of my readers. I’ve broken it down into three sections to make everything easier to understand. The first section will be the very most important things that you will need. You can probably survive without some of them, but it’s definitely going to be […]

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survival backpack

Apocalypse Survival Backpack – Making the Choice

Having a good survival backpack will be crucial in the days to come. How are you going to carry all of your food and water? Where are you going to stash your knife, hatchet, tent, and all of those other survival goodies that you’ll need? Let’s face it- you can’t skimp on this part of […]

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Apocalypse Survival School Recommended Reading- Handbook To Practical Disaster Preparedness for The Family

The Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness the Family is one book that every survivalist should have set high on their resources list.  Written by Arthur T. Bradley, PhD the information is invaluable to anyone concerned for disaster preparedness or apocalypse survival. The information contained in this book is valuable enough; I would even suggest keeping […]

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Apocalypse Survival School Hammock of Choice – Hennessy Ultralite Backpacker A-sym

In the advent of a survival situation when you need to grab your bug out bag and leave in a hurry, the last thing you need to struggle with is carrying extra weight. To decrease the weight and simplify storage in your Bug out Bag or Survival Pack, we recommend the Hennessy Ultralite Backpacker A-sym […]

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