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Apocalypse Survival Gear Store Now Live

                The editors of Apocalypse Survival School have created an Apocalypse Survival School Store. Items chosen  to be featured on the store have all been reviewed for the highest quality by not only Apocalypse Survival School but also many other experts in the Survival Business. Keep checking the Apocalypse […]

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Eberlestock F4 Terminator Pack Review

Eberlestock F4 Terminator Pack If you are looking for extremely versatile and functional survival backpack that you can depend on when you are in the field, then Eberlestock F4 Terminator Pack might be the perfect choice. This backpack comes with so many amazing  features that make it as one of the best backpacks in the […]

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ESSE-4 Survival Knife A Cut Above the Rest

                One item that every survivalist must have in their inventory of survival gear is a survival knife, this review should convince you that the ESSE-4 Survival Knife should be the knife you consider. Unlike most items in a survivalist pack, the survival knife plays many different roles […]

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Michonne Katana

Cold Steel O Katana- Surviving the Apocalypse One Cut at a Time.

The Katana for Apocalypse Survival The Cold Steel O Katana is a sword that was made to survive anything, even the apocalypse. The O Katana is meant to be carried by those that have one thing on their mind, and that thing is survival. Weighing in at 48 Ounces, and just over four feet long […]

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Having a Mate For After the Apocalypse

This is a topic that I’ve almost never seen discussed in survival blogs, books, etc. I find it kind of weird, because personally I think having a mate for after the apocalypse will make things 10 times easier and more fun. Why? Well let’s look at 5 different reasons, shall we? Reason #1: They’ll Watch […]

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apocalypse guy

The Best Place to Survive the Apocalypse

I get a lot of questions in my inbox- “Where’s the best place to survive the apocalypse?” “Which kind of ammo should I load up on?” “Why am I getting these weird rashes on my _______?” Since I can only answer one at a time, I’ll choose the first one. The second questions would be […]

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zombie vehicle

Best Apocalypse Survival Vehicles

In a post-apocalyptic world, vehicles will be the ultimate luxury. Sure, you can survive without one- but I recommend having some kind of plan. What if the apocalypse involves a huge weather shift? Locations that are hot in July may suddenly be sub-zero temperatures. Places that used to be covered in lush forests may now […]

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Urban Survival Tips

In urban survival, you are prepared for any kind of catastrophe that could hit your city unexpectedly and have what it takes to survive. Most people are not prepared but in the world we live in, catastrophes have become the norm and now it is a matter of survival to stay informed on what is […]

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growing medical plants

Planting a Survival Garden

Planting a survival garden should be one of your top priorities. Now I’ll be the first to tell you that your crazy neighbors may try to steal from you. That said, growing your own food is going to be extremely important after the apocalypse. Here are a few tips that I’ve put together to help […]

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Bows for Survival

Compound Bows for Apocalyptic Survival

This quick little article is going to be focused on one thing- the importance of compound bows for survival. And before you start thinking that guns are better- let me present the facts. I’ve broken this article up into a few pieces to make it easier to read. After reading each section, then try to […]

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black hole from hadron collider

Hadron Collider Black Hole: Myth And Truth

  In 1998, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) started building the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) with an aim of studying sub-atomic particles. Located in a 27 km tunnel and buried 574 feet under the ground in Switzerland, the LHC studies collisions of particle beams accelerated and then collided through its tunnels. This article gives […]

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